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In your device settings, please disable the Wifi calling feature.

Open the Jet phone application, head into Settings, choose Account and use the toggle to Disable then Enable your device. This will force the device to reconnect to your phone's network connection. If this was successful, your connection has just timed out. No further steps are needed.

Try changing the Network your device is connected to (eg: 4G vs Wifi). If this was successful, you may have an issue with your network. Please speak to the provider of this connection to investigate further. Note - ask them if there is anything on the network blocking SIP traffic for VOIP services. Please select the checkbox once you have completed this step

Log into your user on a different device. Try a different device if possible (eg: other iPhone), but also device type (eg: desktop app). If this was successful, please check your device permissions (eg: Network, Privacy, etc) and ensure you are running the latest versions of all device software and the Jet phone app. Check all network settings between the two devices are identical. Please tick the checkbox once you have completed this step

Uninstall the app from your device, restart the device and then install the app again from our Downloads page. If this works, there may have been an issue between your app and device. No further action is needed, however, please speak to Jet Support if this issue persists. Please tick the checkbox once this has been completed and add any further information to the description of this ticket

Almost all Inbound number issues occur if there is an issue connecting to your external answering point. Please check this answering point is correct and place a direct test call to this number before contacting our team. Ensure you place this call from a device that the call is not being routed to (eg: do not call from the mobile that is going to answer the call).

Please provide us with either your Jet extension number, or the username you log into the Jet soft phone apps with.

Your login details are case sensitive, and must match the exact details set up against your Phone User. This is often different to your Jet Hub portal access which requires an email address. You can update your Jet Soft Phone login details via the Phone Users page in the Jet Hub.

Please provide us with the invoice number(s) that your query is regarding.

Please enter the full error code you are seeing. Please also upload a screenshot below is possible.

Access to Jet Hub will arrive via email. If you did not receive an email with your access, please speak to your account admin to get this resent. Please note - Jet Interactive Support will not provide access to any account without authorisation from an account admin.

Type "what is my IP" into Google and enter the result here. This should be in a format similar to 49.152.486.13. Please note - this step needs to be completed on a device that is using the same internet connection as your hardware.

Disconnect your Hardware device from both power and internet. Wait 30 seconds, then reconnect again, connecting the internet first, then the power cable (if applicable). This will force the device to reconnect to your wired internet connection. Please wait for the device to reconnect and download any updated configurations (if the device say Update Skipped!, just ignore). Then use device as normal. Please note - if you are using a cordless device you may need to re-register your handset to the base station. More information on this is in your Yealink manual. Check this box once complete.

Log into your Jet Phone User via one of our applications. Our app download options are available at and your login details can be found on the Phone Users page of the Jet Hub.

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